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A “down to the studs” renovation, this kitchen remodel on Wildwood Avenue in Taunton converted a kitchen made up of a number of smaller alcoves into a single open space filled with light and storage. An older home, the original kitchen design was meant to accommodate only a small number of appliances and cabinets. As times changed and the needs of the family grew additional appliances and cabinets were added wherever there was space. While this approach served the intended purpose, it resulted in an inefficient and closed-off layout conducive neither to cooking nor company.

When it came time to renovate, the homeowners had a good idea of what they wanted: eliminate the smaller rooms and create a larger open space then fill it with neutral colors and light. To accomplish this would require the tear-down of walls, relocation of utilities and additional light sources. Working in conjunction with Michelle and Carol, the homeowners selected light colored cabinetry from Starmark and quartz countertops from Cambria as the main building blocks of the new space. Interior walls were removed and two smaller windows on the outer wall were consolidated into a new, large bay window over the sink area. Meanwhile, the interior walls of the new space were fitted with additional free-standing cabinets to supplement the main storage spaces. Luxury vinyl flooring from Tarkett was selected for the kitchen for its beauty, versatility and ease of cleaning and then extended into the nearby bathroom. A large ceiling fan was added as a final touch, complementing the tones of the room while offering an energy efficient method of air circulation for the majority of the now open first floor of the home.

The end result of the project is a stark contrast to the original space. From dark and segmented to bright and free-flowing, the new design offers the homeowners just what they were looking for in terms of aesthetics and utility and provided a complete transformation for this central space in their home.

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