Sunset Drive

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The goal of this kitchen renovation project on Sunset Drive in Taunton, MA was to provide the homeowners with a design that was not only beautiful but well matched to their needs with respect to flow and functionality. To accomplish this, the existing design which featured a small kitchen coupled with a separate eat-in alcove would need to undergo a substantial transformation.

The home had been designed to include a food preparation area that consisted of cabinets and countertops in an L-shape. The right angle of the cabinetry also created the separation of space to the eating area. The entry was a standard size doorway flanked on both sides by cabinets and appliances. This resulted in a somewhat congested space, limiting the owners’ from effectively using the kitchen as a gathering area for company.

To achieve the vision the owners had in mind, the entire food preparation and dining areas would need to be reconfigured. Walls would need to be moved and removed to create a single open space. The entryway would be expanded to encompass almost the entire width of the room, opening the space up to the adjacent formal dining room. To ensure the room would receive ample natural light from both sides, the owners combined two smaller windows into a single large bay window directly over the new sink area.

A new cabinet design would span the entire width of the outer wall of the room and utilize beautiful granite and a mosaic backsplash as accent to the dark woodwork. Stainless steel appliances would be added to create a more modern aesthetic and new closet spaces were created with doors that keyed to the cabinetry to create a seamless look. Finally, a custom corner unit hutch was introduced to serve as both a coffee preparation station and wine cooler area with glass cabinet doors and internal lighting resulting in just the right mixture of utility and elegance.

The end result is just what was desired, a modern kitchen specifically suited to the owners’ needs and lifestyle.

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