North Walker Street

Designed & Installed by Emond Design Center


This renovation project transformed a small separate kitchen and dining room into a single open space filled with great light, beautiful cabinets and modern amenities.

The hope was originally designed to have a small kitchen and formal dining room divided by a single wall with a small doorway. Adjacent to that doorway was a small pantry closet that, while providing some amount of storage space, was placed awkwardly in the room and provided the homeowners with minimal benefit. The wall separating the two rooms prevented the light from the large window in the dining room to reach the kitchen area, often requiring the homeowners to rely on artificial light. The original cabinet style, though popular when the house was built, had become outdated. Further, the dark wood color made what was already a modestly sized room seem even smaller. Finally, the laminate counter top and vinyl flooring did little to enhance the value of the home.

The goal of this remodel was to take two small spaces and create a single, large open space that benefited from the natural light each individual space had to offer. The single room would then serve the purposes of kitchen and dining room together. Heather utilized white inset cabinets and light colored surfaces to enhance the open feel of the room. An accent island would be added with cherry colored cabinets to provide additional countertop space and serve as discrete housing for the microwave oven. Black colored appliances would be replaced by modern stainless steel models. The incorporation of new lighting fixtures would not only provide usable light but also accentuate the beautiful materials and clean lines of the new design. The elimination of the small pantry closet would contribute to the uninterrupted flow of the space while the storage space it provided would easily be recovered in the form of the more efficient cabinet design. Finally, small detail work in the tile back splash would complete the refinement of the space while drawing visitors eyes to the beautiful granite countertops.

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