Putters Way

Designed & Installed by Emond Design Center


While many people long for more space in their kitchen, those with large rooms to work with know that it can be a challenge to create a space that doesn’t look sparse but at the same time isn’t so overloaded with fixtures and furniture that it seems cluttered. Working with the design team at Emond Brothers, these homeowners on Putters Way in Dighton have made finding the right balance look easy.

Starting with a long continuous space that encompassed the kitchen and dining area their first goal was to further open the space by eliminating a peninsula style cabinet layout that partially divided the room. The entrance to the walk-down cellar was also reconfigured to remove any obstacles from viewing the two rooms as one contiguous area. Along the far wall beaded inset cabinets from Starmark house the appliances and supply the majority of the storage space for the room. Finished in Marshmallow Cream with Chocolate Glaze, the light color extends the bright aesthetic created by the ample windows on the outside wall. Offsetting these neutral colored cabinets, a large central island made from cherry wood in hazelnut stain replaces the existing peninsula.
Capping all of the cabinets is an extra-thick neutral colored granite countertop. The muted sheen of the leathered finish emanates luxury while providing the practical benefit of reducing glare created by the sunlight coming through the kitchen windows. The island is made complete by a white porcelain farmer’s style sink and built in beverage cooler. Stainless steel appliances boarder the room offering generous storage space and cooking surface while complimenting the neutral color scheme.

Beautiful but deceptive, tile that replicates the look and feel of hardwood extends wall-to-wall across the entire space. Ideal for areas where food will be prepared, this flooring fools anyone including the most discerning of observers into thinking that each long slender tile is actually a strip of real wood. The real benefit of this surface shines through, however, when it comes time for the post-gathering clean-up.

On the opposite side of the room, past the long dining table and windows that look out onto the outdoor deck sits the stacked stone style fireplace with fully functional pellet stove. Attractive and practical, this feature provides a suitable design anchor for the opposite side of the long space that will also help keep the entire room warm during the long New England winters. As a final touch, a small seating area is incorporated into a corner alcove, complete with comfortable chairs and overhead lighting.

The end result of this thoughtful design and meticulous installation is a space in which the homeowners will be proud to host gatherings both large and small and delight in the ease with which it can be tidied up the following morning.

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