Wampanoag Road

Designed & Installed by Emond Design Center


This wonderful home on Symphony Drive in Easton, MA features multiple Emond Brothers designs. This master bathroom features a cool, neutral color design and a series of fine details that make the space both comfortable and practical.

Designed around the centerpiece of the elegant tiled walk-in shower, the space features cabinets from Starmark topped with a Lg Via Tera quartz countertop. The large bathtub is discretely situated under a set of shaded windows that provide natural light without sacrificing privacy. For the more practical bathing experience, the walk-in shower features an oversized waterfall head and a heated mirror for steam-free shaving.

The fine tile work on the floor provides sophistication and accent color without detracting from the calm, low-contrast aesthetic of the rest of the room, the final detail of a room designed to be practical for everyday use while remaining a refuge at the end of a long day.

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