Cranberry Lane

Designed & Installed by Emond Design Center


Having tackled their first floor with a breathtaking kitchen and living room remodel a few years earlier, the owners of this beautiful home on Cranberry Lane in Easton decided it was time to update the aesthetics of their second floor bathroom to match. While the existing fixture layout and storage space were sufficient to suit the needs of the family, the bright wallpaper, one piece shower unit and small white floor tile were all ready to be replaced by more modern materials and design style.

Starting with a foundation of white cabinets by Merillat, a neutral colored granite countertop with large veins of highlights and shadows was selected to form the centerpiece of the room. Next, a frameless shower with chrome fixtures was designed to replace the aged one-piece bathtub and shower unit. A tile mosaic placed on the main wall of the shower would key off the small tiles used to form the vanity backsplash, coordinating color palettes on both sides of the room. A modern, elongated white toilet and neutral colored simulated wood tile completed the subtle neutral color tones of the hard surfaces while a warm grey-brown paint was used to color the walls where the wallpaper used to hang.

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